Blessed, like real blessed!

Today I cheated on my final exam. Like hard core cheating. Our exam was online and we had answer keys from past quizzes. Someone uploaded it to some text based site or whatever you call it. And we had access to it like there was no tomorrow. This is the first time I cheated this big. I don’t make a habit of letting everyone know I cheated but this is not the reason I’m typing away like mad.

I posted yesterday about my impending doom with Cisco. Well, a little miracle decided to pass me by today.  Not only did I pass but my grades got higher. Like, confident high. And when I came home and opened my email, lo and behold, I got mail from a certain company requesting me to pass my credentials for OJT (On the Job Training) this coming summer. And I was feeling down and annoyed because my friends get lots of calls while I don’t. I was sourgraping, okay? Nuff said.

I mean, I don’t deserve all of this but thank you Lord, for making me so blessed today. And now, I need to go. Need to study for my exams tomorrow and my eyes are drooping already.


xoxo ♥


Down the hill I go!

I’m actually this depressed to open my blog and write. Write.  In the middle of everything I have to do.

You see, I had an exam earlier, my final examination for Cisco. If you’re not familiar with Cisco, it’s a brand of networking stuff. Routers, switches… you name it. Anyways, as I was saying, I had my exam earlier. It was my first wave of exams. I read the coverage, well most of it. I didn’t get to the last chapter. But anyways the point is, it is absolutely pointless! A lot of the items that appeared were from the earlier chapters we discussed, and not from the recent. I mean it’s not my professor’s fault but she could have given us a head’s up and said “I’ve included a lot from the preliminary period so study everything.” I ended up failing the exam. Which was so sad. The passing is 80%. The test was 100 items so that means to simply pass, one must get a grade of 80. 80 I tell you! And I only got 75! And now, I’m depressed and considering jumping… off the bed. And just 30 minutes after the exam, my professor uploaded our grades already. And I got 78%. I’m still lacking 2% just to pass. I don’t know what’s in store for me tomorrow at the consultation.

And then there’s the issue with my exams tomorrow. My professor in that subject, well… uh… let’s just say he’s not the best of the best. We don’t take that subject seriously then I find out that he wasn’t the one who made the exam. The one who made the exam is the professor who teaches everything, down to the last itty bitty detail. I just smell doom, pure caliginous DOOM. I’m so dead tomorrow.

Why, why is this happening to me?

xoxo ♥



I have been gone for a while and when I opened WordPress, woah! Major changes! It actually reminds me of the template Google is currently using.

And speaking of changes, I do have lots of changes to tell. First, I have a new lappy, it’s name is Emma. And a change of phone, it’s name is Sam Tree or Sammy for short.


I am super blessed to have these new babies, and together with my DSLR, I am now a complete blogger. I shall be making a new section or whatever they call it, it’s going to be about the dishes that I’ve learned to cook. Another change! I cook already. Haha, never knew it to be possible, but yes, I am doing it so that I don’t look stupid when I marry someday.

xoxo ♥


My most secretive blog has been infiltrated! Someone gave this site away to my dear boyfriend *who is actually the star of my blog when I’m upset* and I’m upset.
If youre reading this Brian….. Tsk. Shame on you! Tell me who gave you the link! Imagine my surprise when I saw my blog page on his Chrome home page! Ugh, kill me now.
xoxo </3

Go go go mobile!

Hello once again. It is I, the busy Bee, blogging from her phone for the first time. My HP Mini, my most useful companion for almost two years, have just died on me. Yay to me. So now, I’m an IT student without a laptop. I still have no idea how to answer all my online quizzes for one month. Sigh. Here goes my problems again. And oh, please don’t let me mention my dilemmas with my thesis groupmates. Oh shit. I just did. What an awful start of my semester. But no! I shall stay positive. I can do this. For the sake of my parents, who by the way didn’t give my allowance for this month, who are eager to see me graduate.

xoxo ♥

50 Random facts about me- #2!

I absolutely love TLC.

The Travel and Living Channel is absolutely one of my favorite channels ever. I might have to write a separate post about this. I watch almost every show there, almost. Well, to travel has always been my dream and since I can’t do it now, I sit in the bed and just watch the hosts of different shows get sensory overload from trekking the globe. Ad cooking has never been my thing but now, I’m seriously considering it. Thanks to TLC, I’m somehow exposed to different cultures. And just to brag a little, Andrew Zimmern followed me on Twitter.

xoxo ♥


Last Saturday, my friends who are already working treated me dinner at this fancy restaurant called Italianni’s. Obviously it’s Italian, and the menu is full of pasta, bread and some rice meals. It was my first time to eat at that place so I had no idea what to order. So instead of getting names wrong and for a little mediocrity, I ordered spaghetti and meatball.


If you’re thinking this is not worth your money, you should think again. This baby got me full until morning the next day. Pasta is perfect, meatball is perfect, it’s perfect. I’d definitely go back here. This is the good stuff.


xoxo ♥

50 Random facts about me- #1!

I am a lefty. 

Yes, indeed I am. And coincidentally, I am also an artist. But is there any proven study that connects left handed people with being artistic? Being left handed, I believe, has nothing to do with my eccentric attitude, my low self-esteem and my tendency to lean into the arts whenever I have emotional breakdowns. Because I used to be a right handed child. It all started as a joke and now I live to not regret it. I mean, I have trouble with classroom seats and my back pains could really be because of that, I get the “Why are you left-handed?” question all the time, but really, being different in this way is uniquely fun.

xoxo ♥

Comfort movies!

I am a big fan of movies, however much they suck sometimes. My childhood is not the era where I get to download any movie I like from the internet via torrent. Now, my 11 year old brother can download any movie whenever he wants. And my mother is the type to think movies as a waste of money when we can watch them some time later on on cable TV. That is why I grew up watching a lot of movies, just not in movie houses.

Today, I will list my very own set of comfort movies. These are the movies I watch when I’m down and lonely.

1. Pride and Prejudice– This is my favorite movie of all time, even though I’m already asleep by the time it reaches the ending. I think it didn’t go up much in the charts but in my chart, it’s the top. I love the…. love… everything. The English countryside, the palette colored dresses, the gentlemen, the accent, the music, the theme, the story itself (I have read the book), the actors, everything is getting my senses peace overload. I can recite some lines in the movie and say it while the actors do. I do remember crying the first couple of times I’ve watched this, I just don’t know if I’d still cry. Maybe I would, I’m a crybaby. Another thing I like about the movie is the classic love story. I do believe that this is the mother of all love stories. Not Romeo and Juliet for it is too tragic for my mediocre understanding. I don’t think I will ever tire from watching this. I’d even let my future children to watch this. This is, by the way, the 2005 version. The soundtrack of this movie is a must-listen, it’s composed by Dario Marianelli.

Pride and Prejudice 2005 Poster

2. Madeleine– This is a Korean movie, 2005 I think (not so recent). And just like Pride and Prejudice, this movie has quite the calming effect on me. But mind you, this is really hard to watch, like the trademark of typical Korean movies, heartbreaks and heartaches cannot be far. The theme is cute but the story is a little confusing. No spoilers here if ever you wanna watch the movie. But you’ll get me when you watch it. It also has an awesome soundtrack. And did I say awesome? Something one could listen to while in a road trip or simply on the way to work or school.

Madeleine Poster

3. How to Train Your Dragon– Yes, a cartoon. I am not ashamed to say that I watch animated films at my age, especially when the movie is really good. Like this one. Hurrah to those who’ve watched this. I really love the accents of European countries and this one is no exception. I’m pretty sure they’re using Scottish accent in the movie. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TOOTHLESS. If I could adopt Toothless, I would. And also, this movie has an amazing soundtrack by John Powell. Haha, noticing a pattern? I’ve also noticed it too. Usually, my favorite movies are the one with awesome soundtracks. I love this movies because it’s so family oriented, there’s a lesson in the end and awesome characters. And also, the animation is so cool. I wish I could’ve watched it in 3D. Toothless and Hiccup’s friendship is simply beautiful, and cute!

How to Train Your Dragon Poster

4. Tangled– Another animation. And yes, another awesome soundtrack mostly sung by Mandy Moore. This is a comfort movie because of the slightly modern take on the classic Rapunzel story, even though they were still in a medieval era. I like watching this because first, it’s a love story (super amazing twist). Second, like I said, a modern take of Rapunzel (I’m a sucker for fairytales) and lastly the drawing style.

Tangled Poster

5. Ever After– Told you I’m a sucker for fairytales and heartachingly heartbreaking movies. I love the costumes and the story, of course. A version of the classic Cinderella story, the only diference is they changed the names. I like how the good always wins in the end. Cliche? A little. But ever since I watched this when I was young, I added it on my list. Something I wouldn’t mind wasting my time on. You should try watching this, even though it’s old.

Ever After Poster

6. Easy A– Haha! Who doesn’t like Easy A? I mean, when I need a good laugh, I watch this movie. Again, the soundtrack is also cool, laid-back and cute. “I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine”. And ever since, I didn’t hear that song in the same way again. Their light take on the topic of sex and infidelity is really good. I mean, in our society today, the talk of sex is taboo when I think it should not be. No, I am not a pervert and I cannot quite explain my stand, sorry. They presented it in a way that it became humorous and showed me that talking about sex fine, just don’t go shouting to the world your sex life. There is a fine line between talking and talking-loudly-so-the-others-could-hear. I don’t need to explain why this is a comfort movie. This, in itself, is a comic relief to my everyday stressful bustlings.

Easy A Poster

That’s it for my list, but I think I’ll be adding some more later. Right now, I need to sleep. This is my sister’s fault. She really is a big bitch whenever you need her to be nice. She’ll pay.

xoxo ♥

Reserving his kiss!

A little melodramatic? Haha! Well this one’s going to be about what happened yesterday. My boyfriend’s mom invited me for lunch because it’s her birthday today. She knew I couldn’t come on weekdays. So that was the plan, the only plan. We ate amazing food, played with Jun-jun (fyi, he’s a shih tzu) and did a lot of singing with the karaoke. And yes, disturbance of neighborly peace was a part of it. Then Brian and I left to watch Taken 2. It was good but a little bit short if you ask me. And went back again for dinner. What’s surprising is, they still weren’t done singing. Even Brian was surprised. Well, his humor when it comes to his family is just plain funny.

After we ate, he asked me if I would like to go up to his room. Of course I said yes. His parents were singing, it would be sooooooo awkward if I just sat there. But then again, I could’ve played with Jun-jun and Snoopy. Bu I already knew what’s going to happen if Brian asked me to go up to his room. And I kinda know I’m going to say yes. So I went up to his room.

At first we did nothing funny. Since I just had my nails trimmed, he tried teaching me how to play the guitar, but in vain (weak fingers). And when that didn’t work,  he played the guitar. And that was just so sexy. I realized then and there that even if he’s all pervy annd pervy and a jerk (sometimes), I’m still going to love him because in little ways, I know he loves me too. He asked me to sing “Say it again” by Marie Digby while he plays and he sang a little. And we went on like that until we started making out. HAHA. Mind you, with the doors ajar, we did that. I’d like to describe everything but that would be rude and awkward. Then he asked me when he’ll see me again. I said after two weeks. And then he said, that’s too long. And we kissed again. That ended our lovely conversation.Yes, he kissed me a lot. Call it reserves for lonely days to come, they’re the only things that will save me from missing him too much. But, my sister was already texting me so I had to go home.

On the jeepney, I couldn’t help but wonder where this newfound sweetness came from. I mean, he’s sweet in his own cold, unforgiving way but last night, something was different. He was actually sweet. It’s weird I know. I might have to write a song about this. It was time for me to go down and that’s where things got a little scary.

See, I don’t usually wear sleeveless shirts, camis, or tank tops when I go out. It’s usually my baggy t-shirts, leggings and slippers. Yesterday, I wore my sister’s tank top and that’s not really something new here in the Philippines, what with our tropical weather and all. But as I was walking to the overpass so I could cross the street, a guy I’ve passed by suddenly stopped whatever he was doing and suddenly walked alongside me. Well, I don’t usually have a problem with that so I slowed down because I was also texting my sister at the same time. The problem is he slowed down too. The point here being, he’s trying match his pace with mine. And he kept looking at me. I got a little scared and went “alert mode”. Jerks in the street are not new to me (don’t ask, I don’t know either). So I left him alone. But he started speaking to me. That’s when I kinda panicked and started walking fast. He asked where I go home, if I had dinner or how old am I. Well, I’m not stupid enough to mistake that for kindness and concern, thank you very much. But thankfully he ceased following me, maybe because the crowd was thickening and there was a guard up ahead the mall I’m going to pass. I did double checks,  I looked back and looked back some more. No one was following. Thank God! I went up the overpass running and looking stupid, but hey, I was scared. I rode the bus and went straight home.

When I got home, I told Brian everything and then he was scared too (I know, another “new“). He asked me if I was sure no one followed me home and if the guy didn’t do anything. He said from now on he’s going to take me home and reprimanded me a little because I wore the tank top. But I said it may just be another drunk guy loose on the street.

So yeah, that’s how my day went yesterday and now I’m off for my first wave of grade consultations. Wish me luck!

xoxo ♥